Types of Manuscripts

In course of time the scribes and the writers, expressing their efficiency of writing have chosen papers of different sizes, some times got them bound or wrote on considerably long-size papers that could be scrolled and in a way made these materials easy to read, preserve and carry. During the century-old traditions we come across the types of the manuscripts entitled Gandi, Kachchapi, Mushti, Samput Phalak, Cheda Pati, Gutaka, Scroll and Wooden Boards. Selecting the few available kinds of the manuscripts these are highlighted below
A rectangular manuscript equal in width and thicknes
Samput Phalak
manuscript covered on both the sides with colorful wooden panels

A manuscript bound like a book

A small book-type bound manuscript easy to keep in a fist

Paper or cloth of abnormal length that can be scrolled

(Akasha Purusha Adhai Dvipa)
(Tripura Sundari Mahayantra)
diagrams indicating spiritual, religious penance, astrological
& geographical facts

(Chitra – Bandha Kavya)

Metrical poetry in rhetorical works
depicted in different figures